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Date added: 02/10/2012 Affordable Solution to Access Control

What is a Smart-Box?

The Smart Box is an electronic lockbox that combines NuSet's time-tested traditional mechanical lockbox features with modern technology to bring you the most up-to-date and affordable access control system. The Smart Box provides easy-to-use USB programming function that keeps track of access and its sturdy casing withstands harsh weather conditions as well as destructive tempering. These features are designed to offer you a trusted security product that restricts the number of authorized individuals accessing your properties as well as keeping precise statistics.


The Smart Box is a unique electronic lockbox because it is easy to program. Each Smart Box comes with a USB device that lets you assign up to 500 unique access code and limit the duration period of each code. The program keeps track of all activities in an access log and allows you to retrieve access information by date and time. With the Smart Box you control who may access your property and for how long. The detailed access log keeps you informed should anyone try to temper with your lockbox or mess with the content. Most importantly, you don't need an engineering background to install your Smart Box. You only have to read our user guide.

Electronic Lockboxes

A Stand alone system

When you buy a Smart Box, you are making a onetime investment. The Smart Box is an electronic lockbox that requires no subscription fees, access card, or any other long term service fees. Everything is controlled by the USB device that comes with each unit. You don't need internet access or cell phone signal. The device is powered by standard AA batteries. The system comes with an external battery-run charger for rebooting your Smart-Box in case the internal batteries are dead. There is no need to worry about AC power voltage for our international customers. Yes, there is no fine print. It is truly an individual device that stands on its own. Of course, if you have question setting up or resetting your Smart Box, you can always count our experienced customer service team in English, Chinese, or Spanish to help you absolutely for FREE!

Traditional features:

Digital Lockboxes

The Smart Box may feel more heavy duty and a little bulkier but our loyal supporter will have no trouble spotting the familiar NuSet lockbox appearance. Like our mechanical lockbox, the Smart Box comes in a sturdy metal case that withstands extreme weather conditions throughout the year. We guarantee you will find it very hard to temper with or force open that heavy mental casing. We test run all of our products with brute destructive force before shipping them to you! The bulky body of the Smart Box gives you more interior space to store multiple keys, credit cards, or other small gadgets. The Combo Locking Shackle is even more familiar to NuSet customers. The Smart Box 7000 series combines the NuSet unique mechanically operated combination locking shackle with our new electronic lockbox body. What does this mean? Simply put the computer controlled feature secures the content inside your lockbox while the combination locking shackle protects your lockbox. Without your (numeric or letter) code, nobody can remove your lockbox.

Who use a Smart-Box?

Based on a lockbox design for real estate agents and brokers, this access control system has versatile usage and can be used in many different applications. Anytime and anywhere you want to restrict others access to your resources, consider using a Smart-Box. Business owners use the Smart-Box to grant authorized employees access to supplies and restricted areas while tracking date and time of entry. Supply managers in large organizations as well as clinic and medical facility managers use the Smart-Box to monitor access to precious resources. The Smart-Box is also ideal for schools and communal facilities looking to cut cost by storing keys to shared equipments without the need of an onsite facilitator. The spacious vault, weather resistant casing, and easily readable punch button keypad makes the Smart-Box user-friendly for homeowners all over the world. You need not worry about hiding your spare keys or pain over letting your cleaner or dog-walker come while you are not at home. Recently, we partnered with the health care industry to install Smart-Box at the homes of patients so that care-takers and medical personnel may quickly reach patients in an emergency.

If you are looking for a sturdy electronic lockbox that is affordable and easy to use, you must check out our Smart Box. No other lockbox in the market offers you such excellent hardware and software security as the Smart Box. Make a one-time investment to protect each of your properties. Remember, there are no additional service charges or support service fees attached to the Smart Box.

Wall-Mount Smart-Box

Wall-Mounted Lockbox

The Smart-Box 7050 work just like the 7000 model to track access by time and code. Instead of using a locking shackle, the wall-mount Smart-Box allows you to fix the lockbox on a surface area. This model is ideal for offices and businesses where keys or access cards can be kept near store-rooms, file cabinets, or cupboards. Without the shackle, this electronic lockbox can be stored inside a drawer as a handy little safe.