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Lock boxes refer to metal boxes that are durable and secure where you can place your keys that allow persons with the right code combination access to locked properties. Most of the time, real estate agents are the ones who use lock boxes when they are securing a property that is up for sale. Having a lock box makes it a lot easier for them because they do not have to bring the keys on every property they sell. But lock boxes are not only for safekeeping conventional keys. There are a lot of uses you can have on even the most typical lock boxes on the market, which is why it is important to determine your purpose of buying a lock box in order for you to be able to choose one according to your requirements.

A traditional lock box is often handle mounted, but with today’s variety of options, you can now buy lock boxes that can be mounted on the wall. If you are not too concerned about aesthetics or your requirement is only temporary, handle mounted lock boxes can serve their purpose. You also have to understand that there are some lock boxes that can leave scratches or dents in the surface of your door, so in order to avoid this, you can purchase lock boxes that have special protective covering on top of the shackle with a rubber bumper in order to protect your door from scratches and dents.

If you are concerned about the keys getting rusted, make sure that the lock box you buy has installed rubber grommets to avoid water and moisture from seeping into the box. This weather protection feature will surely keep moisture and water out of the box and maintain the spotlessness of your keys. This feature comes in handy for those who are living in northern parts of the state where the weather is always wet and damp.

Another feature you can consider in your lock box is the convenience of reading it, especially when it is dark. There are lock boxes that come with illuminated dials which glow in the dark, enabling you to easily read the dials even when there is not enough light. You also have to consider the convenience of manipulating the dials, particularly when most of the users are young or elderly.

Modern lock boxes are digitized and they have specially installed electronic locks that use digitized key combinations in order to open the lock. But bear in mind that sophisticated lock boxes such as these can be quite expensive and they are also more prone to wear and tear and cannot adapt outdoors. If you opt to buy an electronic lock box, you have to ensure that is as equally durable as a traditional lock box.

Purchasing the correct lock box according to your requirements is a lot easier if you are clear about your purpose of buying it. So before you buy your lockbox, make sure that you have evaluated its features according to your specifications.