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If you have ever gone house hunting with a realtor you know that many of them can take you to see houses that may not be listed with their real estate agency. To make it easier for multiple real estate agencies to show the same houses a way has to be found for everyone to have a key without dozens of keys having to be made. There are a couple of easy options available to make this possible. You either use a hanging lockable key holder or a wall key holder. Either one of them are designed to hold a key or keys inside a secured box that can only be accessed by the realtors that have the correct combination. It is like putting the keys in a mini safe that can be bolted onto an outside wall giving only those who need it access to the keys to the house. These wall key holders are typically made from heavy gauge steel and have a removable front to access the keys stored inside.

The good thing about a wall mounted key holder as opposed to one that hangs is that many of today's homes do not have the type of door handle that will allow a hanging key holder to be used. To be able to secure a wall mounted key holder somewhere out of sight on the home for sale, makes it much less obvious that the house is unoccupied. In many cases where the home is still being lived in but is up for sale a wall mounted holder allows the owners to still use the front door without the hassle of the hanging key holder getting in the way every time they use the door.

A hidden wall key holder can offer the current owners a sense of security if they are still living in their home. The key holder hanging on the front door is like an advertisement to criminals that there is no one home at the moment. Making it a good time to break in and help themselves to the valuables inside. If they use the hidden wall key holder then the would-be thief will have no idea that no one is at home and is more likely to keep on going.

Because wall key holders must be available to more than one person needing to have a key to open them and gain access to the keys is counterproductive and negates the need for the lock box in the first place. Instead there are two different basic ways to access the keys inside. Both of them are through the use of combination locks. You can find combination locks that use a mixture of letters or numbers to open the locks. The combination can be hard or easy depending on the number of dials that you order your lock box to be built with.

Remember if you are selling your house and want to use more than one realtor listing service to sell it make sure that your listing service uses a wall key holder such as those sold by Nuset Lock mounted in a secure location to keep you feeling safe in your home.