Electronic Lock Boxes

Electronic Lock Boxes

Do you want the highest level of security for your real properties? We've got the best solutions! At NuSet Lock, you'll find a full array of real estate lock boxes to keep your property secure. Whether you prefer traditional combination lockbox options or you'd like the latest innovations in electronic lockboxes, we've got you covered. Let the NuSet Lock team provide you with the ultimate in service, value, and quality for your entire home or business security needs. When you want peace of mind that your properties are secure from intruders and other unauthorized guests, we're here to help. Read more about our real estate lock boxes.

NuSet Lock features a variety of real estate lockboxes to secure your properties. We have options like alpha combination lockboxes, numeric combination lockboxes, and electronic lockboxes so you can find the level of security that best suits your needs. If you prefer the electronic option, you’ll have the latest innovations at your fingertips. The NuSet Lock options in electronic combination lockbox products include:

  • Smart-Box Series Wall Mount Lockbox: This large and durable electronic real estate lockbox stores keys, credit cards, and more. Assign as many as 500 unique 4 to 6 digit access codes so you can control who enter your property and for how long. The access log feature tracks the date and time of all activities, including the code used to unlock your lockbox. The access log gives you full power to monitor when and how often any authorized user accessed your property. Additional features include weather resistance, USB port for data transfer, and more.
  • Smart-Box Series Combo Locking Shackle Lockbox: Weather resistant and durable, this lock box gives you the ability to create as many as 500 unique codes to maintain the ultimate security for your property. Access log, easy-to-use USB data transfer and an extra locking combination make this lockbox your ideal multifunctional security device.
  • Smart-Box Accessories: Including Enclosed Battery Holder and USB Device.


When in search of the best options in real estate security, NuSet Lock has it all. We also feature many other solutions for home or business security including:
  • Bolts
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Padlocks
  • Door Locks
  • REO Supplies
  • And more
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NuSet Eyecon Series: WiFi® Enabled Lockbox, Shackle Mount

Item#: 7030


The Eyecon® Box has the latest in smart lock technology. Send your guests a unique Picture Key to open lockbox. Manage from anywhere, using any device — all without downloading a new app. Perfect for the sharing community, whether you have a home for sale, vacation rental, bike share, or need to let the dog walker in.


NuSet USB Device for Smart-Box Series Electronic Lockbox

Item#: 7-USB


NuSet replacement USB device for Smart-Box series electronic lockbox model# 7000 & 7050 only.