Electronic Security Devices

Electronic Security Device

Are you in need of the latest innovations in electronic security devices for home or business? Your search ends here! Now that you've found NuSet Lock, you've got access to the industry leader in door locks, real estate lock boxes, padlocks, and other devices. When you want peace of mind that your property is protected from intruders and other uninvited guests, we are here to help. Let NuSet Lock assist in the process of selecting the best device for your needs. If you've decided electronic security devices are the only way to go, we've got plenty of top quality options. Read more about our inventory of security devices and locks.

NuSet Lock features electronic security devices including:

  • Smart-Box Lockbox: Including Wall Mount electronic combination lockbox and locking shackle systems.
  • NuAlert Electronic Padlock Security System: With options like VPS-2000 Series with 4 padlocks, VPS-2000 Series with 6 padlocks, VPS-2000 Series with 3 padlocks, VPS-2000 series with 2 padlocks, VPS-2000 series with 1 padlock, and other options.
  • Accessories: Including Home / Wall Charger for NuAlert, 1-Way Remote Control for NuAlert, Vehicle / Car Charger for NuAlert, and more.
Select the electronic security devices best suited for any home or business applications.


Door Locks, Lock Boxes, and Other Quality Products

When in search of a full array of locks and security solutions, NuSet Lock has you covered. Let us give you convenient access to a full line of top quality products to secure any area of the home or business. NuSet features:

  • REO Supplies
  • Real Estate Lockboxes
  • Padlocks
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Hasps
  • Window Locks
  • Patio Door Locks
  • Smoke / CO Alarms
  • And much more
Let us be your one-stop source for security devices, locks, and much more. The NuSet Lock team is eager to help you choose the best products for your home, business, or real properties.


Contact the NuSet Team Today

Should you need assistance in selecting the best level of protection for your home or business, please don't hesitate to contact us. The experts at NuSet Lock are eager to help you find the peace of mind you need that your property is fully protected. Unlike other companies who are out to sell you their latest and priciest products, our customer service team is here to recommend the most suitable security device that fit your budget and the needs of those authorized to access your property. Our top quality products will give you the level of security you need when you need it most. For assistance, contact us by calling (800) 606-8738 or fill out this Online Contact Form.

NuSet Smart-Box Series: Electronic Combination Lockbox, Wall Mount

Item#: 7060

$199.00   $129.99

NuSet Smart-Box series 2nd generation wall mount electronic combination lock box.  


NuSet Smart-Box Series: Electronic Combination Lockbox, Combo Locking Shackle

Item#: 7010

$199.00   $129.99

NuSet Smart-Box series 2nd generation electronic combination lock box with resettable 4-number combo locking shackle.  


NuSet USB Drive for Smart-Box Series Electronic Lockbox



NuSet replacement USB drive for Smart-Box series electronic lockbox model#7010 & 7060 only. Ideal to store lockbox settings, PINs, password and access log.

NuSet NuAlert VPS-2000 Series: Electronic Padlock Security System, GSM, 4 Padlocks

Item#: VPS-2004

NuSet NuAlert GSM electronic 4-padlock security system. Allows real time monitoring and instant text notification of entry for an armed padlock whether it is opened by key or by force.

Home/Wall Charger for NuSet NuAlert VPS-2000 Series, VPS-2HCH

Item#: VPS-2HCH

Home or wall charger for NuSet NuAlert VPS-2000 series Electronic Padlock System.

1-Way Remote Control for NuSet NuAlert VPS-2000 Series, VPS-2RMO

Item#: VPS-2RMO

1-Way remote control for NuSet NuAlert VPS-2000 series Electronic Padlock System.

Vehicle/Car Charger for NuSet NuAlert VPS-2000 Series, VPS-2VCH

Item#: VPS-2VCH

Vehicle or car charger for NuSet NuAlert VPS-2000 series Electronic Padlock System.

NuSet 3-1/4" 83mm Kwikset Keyed Padlock with Sensor for NuAlert VPS-2000 Series

Item#: VPS-2PLS

NuSet NuAlert replacement padlock with sensor. This kwikset keyed padlock works with VPS-2000 security system.
  • Keyed Alike 
  • Keyed Differently 
  • Master Keyed (+$6.50)