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Date added: 03/08/2011 Flash Sales
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Dear Customers and Friends,

Thank you for your continuous support of NuSet and all our developments. It is really encouraging to receive so many feedbacks from you all. Thank you, again! Today is International Women's Day. As an overwhelmingly women ran company, we have always been a strong supporter for WBENC activities and we help to promote work opportunities for women aboard. In honor of Women's Day, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new "flash sales" program.

Flash Sales Promotion

Flash Sale: Every 2 weeks, we will put selected products in our "flash sales" corner at a guaranteed amazing price. The special will only last two week, at the end of which we will move on to other special products. As usual, we welcome your feedbacks and suggestions. *Our very first flash sales will extend an extra week to allow some of you who do not receive this news in time to participate. As usual, give us a call when you have any questions. *

Show Room
Showroom update: we have renovated our showroom at out headquarter office which is larger than before. Although it is still impossible to display all the products we carry, we try. If you are in town, please swing by for a quick visit. We have had the pleasure of meeting some of you, our "pick up customers." Thank you for your comments and the good laughs. We will make sure our candy bowl and snack box are always filled to the rim just for you!

Copy Cat Alert: On a serious note, NuSet copy cats and NuSet Wannabe are actively out again. It is frustrating but our legal team has warned that a number of our imitators are resurfacing in search engines among other shopper favorite places. We are working diligently to bring them to justice. (How dare them!) Remember, NuSet's headquarter is located in El Monte, California, the golden state! Our official websites are www.nuset.com or www.nusetlock.com . If you receive any information which you find suspicious, please let us know.