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Date added: 01/02/2013 Smart-Box Electronic Lockbox Revamped

Nu-Set Lock is excited to introduce the 2nd generation of our Smart-Box, the most advanced version of electronic key storage boxes that promises to replace all existing lockboxes. The revamped product is designed to increase the security of restricted areas and on items of extreme value. The idea is simple: you store a key or whatever locking device you wish to share with authorized users in Nu-Set's security lockbox, then create a numeric code for each user, and monitor who accessed your property by downloading a built-in access log. The Smart-Box is useful in a variety of places, ranging from real estate companies to medical facilities. Don't be surprised to find this key safe devise in your neighbor's backyard, a pending sales house or at many facilities.

The security hardware market is moving away from mechanical key access boxes that do not offer multiple access codes or access tracking function. Electronic key access devices give users the opportunity to take control of property in ways that have never been possible. The Smart-Box is unique because it combines the simplicity of a mechanical lockbox and provides the convenience of an electronic access control system. Moreover, the SmartBox is a one-time investment: you don't need internet access, phone service, access card, or monthly maintenance fees to keep your key access control system running 24/7. The user-friendly software for this electronic lockbox can be run on both PC and Mac platforms and the hardware is powered by 4 standard AA batteries available at any convenience stores. The interior vault provides ample storage space for multiple keys, access cards, car keys, key fobs and other small gate openers to maximize this electronic lockbox's versatility. Of course, anyone who has handled a Nu-Set lockbox knows the strength of our harden steel shackle and sturdy metal casing. The mere sight of it shows that this is no regular lockbox. Sharing a key has never been easier.

The Smart-Box first hit the market two years ago and received exciting reviews from customers. Nu-Set's newest electronic lockbox features provide users with even more access control options. The new Smart-Box answers one of the most requested improvements: remote access code. The one time code is a new feature in Nu-Set's 2nd generation electronic key storage system that can generate pins based on time and date right from your computer. You only need to decide the exact date and time when you wish to grant a one-time user access to your property and the Smart-Box software will assign a pin for you, no need to be physically present to program your box for a one-time only pin. The one-time code feature is designed to make life easy for anyone, who needs to provide one-time access to keys or property to multiple customers on a daily bases, We've also improved feature on the Smart-Box programming interface to offer you more options. On our current model the user can only preset code duration based on the number of hours. The new interface will allow users to program pin based on weekday and time. For any consumer who needs to grant Person A access from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, or Person B access from 9am- 1pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only, and lets Person C in every Saturday afternoon, the new programming interface makes this chore one easy step.

Other new features are refined to bring users even more savings. This includes our new design to prolong battery life that is estimated to last up to 500 days depending on frequency of usage. The new Smart-Box is also equipped with low battery warning so users can replace batteries in good time. Of course, you would still have the option to purchase an external battery charger in case the internal batteries are completely dead. Our new electronic lockbox model can be operated via most standard USB flash drive sold in the market. This enhancement makes it much easier for users to install the Smart-Box software, read access logs and program pins.

A Homemade American Brand Trusted by Global Consumers

Lastly, we are confident that you will be satisfied by this improved product as the design team, production, and assembly line are right here in the United States. Every electronic lockbox is assembled, installed, and tested in our US Facility. All components made oversea are carefully examined at our facility before assembly. Should you have any questions, our well-trained customer service team is here to walk you through every step in English, Spanish, or Chinese.

Our pre-sales period is over and due to popular demand, we are currently accepting pre-order. Please contact us for more details or give us a call at 1-800-606-8738 for more details.