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NuSet Lock and their latest innovation in electronic lockboxes the 'Smartbox', is a lockbox that combines modern technology, with the time-tested traditional lockbox. These state of the art, technologically advanced electronic lockboxes are the most easy to use and affordable security devices available, and come equipped with USB programming that helps keep track of access points. The sturdy casing on NuSet Lock's electronic lockboxes is made to withstand destructive tampering, and the harshest weather conditions. NuSet Lock's trusted, new security product, the Smartbox, has features that are specifically designed to keep of track authorized user's entries and exits, as well as restricting the number of entries per user, all to your desired settings.

Most electronic lockboxes are not easy to program at all, which is just one aspect of the NuSet Smartbox that makes it unique and state of the art. In addition to keeping track of all entry and exit activities, the electronic lockboxes available from NuSet Lock, automatically transfer the data, to an easy to program and use access log, with each date and time so you can see exactly who has accessed the property, the reason why, and how long they were there. This feature is very useful for real estate services like Broker's opens and Realtor's open houses, or people who are selling their own house personally. Whether you are selling your house yourself or having somebody else sell it for you, NuSet Lock believes that it is important for you to know who is on your property, and why, at all times.

Buying electronic lockboxes like the Smartbox from NuSet Locks is a onetime investment that requires no subscription fees, access cards, or any other binding, long term contract. No fine print, no internet needed just AA batteries to power these electronic lockboxes that are guaranteed to stand on their own. Any questions can be directed to our excellent customer service team if you need help setting up, or resetting your Smartbox electronic lockboxes, for no additional charge at all. A little more heavy and bulky than the standard NuSet electronic lockboxes, the new Smartbox comes in a sturdy metal case that is guaranteed to withstand any weather conditions all year round, no matter the rain, sleet, snow, or even how hot it is, these electronic lockboxes will never fault on you, ever.

NuSet Lock test runs all of their products and electronic lockboxes, with brutally destructive forces, to be absolutely sure that they cannot be pried open or tampered with, before they are shipped out to their customers. One other feature of the new Smartbox and other electronic lockboxes that you may find helpful is the interior storage space, within the bulky metal casing. This larger space makes it possible to store extra spare keys, credit cards, or other small things. The new Smartbox 7000 series combines the mechanically operated shackle locking system, with the body of classic NuSet electronic lockboxes. To put it more simply, the contents inside the lockbox are secured by the computer controlled features, while the combination shackle lock protects the actual lockbox itself, and nobody can open an electronic lockbox without your code.