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When you are out looking for the perfect key lock box for your house or office, you have to understand that there are several things you need to consider before you make any purchase. There are plenty of options for lock boxes and you can narrow down your options based on your specific requirements and the intended purpose of the lock box. If you have already tried buying a lock box in the past, you may have noticed that there are a number of varieties of lock boxes and each serves its own purpose based on its features and security specifications. So, the next time you go out buying lock boxes, take some time to consider some of the important factors needed in order to be able to select a particular lock box according to your security needs.

Key Tips When Buying a key lock box

  • Before you buy a key lock box, you have to be very clear with regards to the types of keys you will be placing in it. Some of the questions you need to clarify include:
    • Are the keys for company properties?
    • Are the keys for your client’s properties?
    • Are you planning to use the lock box as a storage area for all your keys?

By knowing the answers to these questions, you will be able to find the lock box that will serve the right purpose. The real value of the assets related to the keys you will be keeping in the lock box, along with your exact calculation of the risk involved, will help you consider what other extra security features you need to have on your lock box based on the importance of the keys inside.

  • You also have to consider what materials are used for the key lock box you are buying. If you will be placing keys in it for special properties that have higher security risks, you need to find a lock box that is made of stronger steel which will make breaking into it a lot more difficult. If security is not an issue, you can opt for lock boxes made from less durable materials because it will be a lot more cost efficient as compared to steel lock boxes that are both heavy duty and weather and fireproof.
  • You also need to consider the type of locking mechanism you want in your key lock box. Typically, there are two major types of locking mechanisms used on lock boxes. Some lock boxes use typical locking mechanisms and some use key combinations. Depending on your security requirements, you can choose between these two types of locking mechanisms for your lock box. Having a key lock box is a more convenient way to store keys without compromising security. Not only does it minimize the risk of losing your keys, but it also helps you to have a more secure way of safekeeping important access keys.