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There are many advantages to using the wide variety of keyed alike locks available today and almost as many different people and businesses using at least one or more of these locks on a daily basis. It is very easy to go into your local hardware store or your online lock supplier and order a set of keyed alike padlocks to make your life a little easier. Imagine how easy it would make it if everything you had a padlock on took the same key.

People at home are not the only ones who make good use of a set of keyed alike locks, in many municipalities’ inspection covers and traffic signal controls are kept locked to keep out vandals and other mischief makers and thieves. It would be very difficult to handle the number of keys required in a large city; the number of keys could be in the hundreds, by using a series of keyed alike locks the maintenance crew may only need to carry a small ring with a few keys on it to access everything in their area.

In keeping with good job safety practices most factories that use any kind of moving machinery to manufacture their products use what is known as the “Lockout Tag out” system whenever there is going to be any maintenance done on the equipment. This means that somewhere on the machine there is a main power switch, that when turned off completely isolates the machine from any power making it safe to work on. Many companies use keyed alike locks to lock these switches out until the maintenance is complete.

In many factories and business there are a lot of doors and locks that must be opened before the start of the working day. If a manager or shift supervisor had to carry a key for every lock it could take a long time to get started every morning while he sorted through all of the keys opening the doors etc. If on the other hand a series of keyed alike locks were used then the task would be much simpler, speeding up the process considerably and getting things up and running in no time.

One of the most common places that you see keyed alike lock is in the automotive industry. Most cars made today come with only two keys, an ignition key and a door key. In some cases the door key also opens the trunk. Some models may only come with one key and all the locks are keyed alike so that the one key opens the doors and works in the ignition, which works fine until you have to have one or the other of the locks replaced.

You can get a set of keyed alike locks that includes deadbolts, passage locks and padlocks so that no matter what you are locking up you only ever need to carry one key to access it all. If you need to have a set of custom keyed alike locks made for you let Nuset Lock take care of setting them up for you. They specialize in locks and lockboxes of every kind and have everything you need to secure your world.