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As security becomes more of an issue the need for homeowners to use padlocks to secure sheds, greenhouses and gates is on the rise. One of the biggest problems this situation seems to cause is the need to be able to keep track of multiple keys. Most of us have a hard enough time keeping track of one set of keys let alone several sets and this always seems to lead to having to cut off far too many locks. The simplest solution to the problem is to use a keyed alike padlock.

With a keyed alike padlock you get one key that will fit several locks instead of having several different keys that are easy to lose. This means that you can have one master key on your key ring and leave several spares in a safe place at home. You will no longer have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys as you will always have access to spares that will fit all of the locks.

Most families with storage sheds and outbuildings generally find that having only one or two people with keys to them can present more than its fair share of difficulties especially if both of the people with keys happen to be at work. With keyed alike padlock it is possible to give everyone their own key so that they never have to worry about who is going to be home to open the shed where perhaps the bicycles are being stored.

Beyond household use of the keyed alike padlock, many businesses have begun to use them. In factories or automotive shops where many of the overhead doors are secured with padlocks, the idea of having dozens of different keys poses a small nightmare. The thought of having to sort through dozens of keys every day to open up for business is unimaginable. If you have a single key to open all of the locks it will save you plenty of time and headaches.

Many cities are installing a keyed alike padlock on their storage facilities as well so that they only have to worry about handing out one key to those employees and departments that need regular access to these areas. This is done as a time saving measure to make sure that all employees can readily access the equipment they are going to need whether it is on a daily basis or occasional basis. This reduces the amount of wasted time tracking down someone who might have the right keys so that they can keep working.

At NusetLock.com you will find several different styles of keyed alike padlock. They are all made from laminated steel and have varying lengths of shackle. All locks feature a double locking shackle for extra protection and come with 2 keys per lock. You can order as many or as few locks as you need and can always contact them to order more locks with the same key if you need to expand your coverage at a later date.