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There is nothing more frustrating than having to sort through a huge key ring full of keys that all look the same just to find the one key for the padlock on your storage shed. This can be extremely frustrating for anyone, especially if it is very cold or raining outside. As most responsible citizens today, you have done your part to reduce crime by putting a padlock on everything outside, now you are stuck with a dozen different keys and no clear way to know which one you need. With keyed alike padlocks you can eliminate this problem.

We all know this problem, there is a padlock on the garden shed, another one on the tool shed, one on the greenhouse and yet another one on the front and back gates. Before you know it you have so many different keys you spend 10 minutes trying each key until you find the right one. Does this situation sound all too familiar to you? If this is a picture of how you have to approach each padlock you own then you should consider using keyed alike padlocks.

With keyed alike padlocks you can select the style and size of padlocks you need; you can even have different lengths of shackle to suit your individual locking needs. Once you have decided how many of each style of lock you are going to need, you can have the company that you are ordering them from key them all to take the same key. You may not be able to walk into a department store and get your locks this way, but a custom lock merchant can do this for you.

When you buy a set of keyed alike padlocks you will get as few or as many locks as you are going to need, all of which will take the same key. You will still get 2 keys for every lock that you buy, but each key will open all of the locks you have ordered. This means that you will only need to have one key on your key ring as it will open all of the padlocks you have used. No more standing in the rain fumbling for the right key and getting soaked for your efforts.

If you own a business, you can even extend this to the locks you use at work to secure overhead doors or storage buildings. Once again using keyed alike padlocks will cut down on the number of keys you have to carry around and sift through to open up for business. It also means that you do not have to worry about employees losing the only key you have for a particular lock as you will have several spares readily available.

If having a set of keyed alike padlocks sounds like exactly what you need to use around your home or business you should take a look at the locks available at NusetLock.com. Here you will find a full selection of laminated steel locks that can be keyed alike. You can order as many or as few locks as you need. All locks come with 2 keys and you can always have more locks keyed alike as you need them.