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Of all the tools in a realtor's inventory, the real estate lock box has got to be one of the most widely used and the most useful. This simple lock box makes it possible for any realtor both those who work for the listing agency and those who do not to be able to show any home that is listed for sale in their area. This simple box allows all of them to have access to the keys to the home without having to run to the various offices to get the keys.

A real estate lock box is in essence a miniature safe that is used by the each real estate agency to keep a set of house keys available at each home they have listed. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes depending on the needs and tastes of the agency in question. Most of these lockboxes are designed to be hung on the door knob of the home for sale via a shackle or loop. Others are designed to be bolted to an outside door somewhere out of sight of the everyday traffic.

You can buy a real estate lock box that uses a key to open the door for access to the house keys; however this means you either will need to have multiple copies made of the keys or have other agents stop by your office for the key. The more common variety uses a combination lock so that all you have to do is give an agent the right combination so that they can get the keys and show the house. In some cases agencies have a selection of both styles.

The reason for using both styles of real estate lock box is to keep those houses that are on the MLS or multiple listing service using combination lock boxes that can be accessed by all agencies in the area. Those houses that are to be kept listed only by the original agency can be put on a keyed lock box so that only those agents who work within the agency can have access to the keys. Keeping some houses for exclusive sale is nothing new in the real estate world and is usually reserved for prime properties where the prices are high or the owner has requested exclusivity.

No matter what type of real estate lock box you use, you need to make sure that they are going to be strong enough to keep the house keys safe. You have to remember that the homeowners are entrusting the security of their home and in many cases their possessions to you. You should use only steel lock boxes that are weatherproof and use quality locking mechanisms to keep them secure at all times.

When it is time for your agency to buy a real estate lock box, you need a supplier that you can trust. At NusetLock.com you will find a full line of quality lock boxes with both keyed and combination locks. They carry both hanging and wall mount lock boxes to ensure that they have a lock box to suit your every need. All lock boxes are in stock and ready to be shipped directly to your office via UPS.