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While you might tend to think of the real estate lockbox as something that only realtors use when they have a house listed for sale, you might be wrong. It is true that the primary use for this type of lockbox is for the realtors to keep a set of keys to the houses they have listed readily available. Not only does this make it easier for the listing realtor to show the homes they have listed, but it also makes it easier for other realtors to show homes that are not among their listings.

There are several other uses for the real estate lockbox that have begun to make them popular among homeowners as a permanent addition to their homes. With so many working families having both husband and wife at work all day it can become difficult to schedule repairs or deliveries of things like new appliances as taking time off from work to attend to these needs is not always possible or practical. In many cases people simply cannot get the time off to take care of these needs.

No one wants to leave their home unlocked when they are going to be gone for the day as crime continues to rise. At the same time not everyone is comfortable with leaving a set of their house keys with the repair service or delivery company. The solution to both of these problems is the simple real estate lockbox. You can leave a set of keys to your home secured inside of this mini safe like box and give the combination only to those who need it.

When the repair or delivery service arrives at your home, they use the combination to open the real estate lockbox and access the set of house keys that have been placed there for their use. This also negates the possibility of forgetting to give the company a set of keys in which case you may end up getting charged for a wasted service call or rescheduled delivery. Many companies charge a fee for wasted trips that is based on their regular hourly rates; in most cases this can be quite expensive.

The most commonly used real estate lockbox for this purpose is the one that is permanently mounted on an outside wall somewhere out of sight. This way you can leave a set of extra keys inside the lockbox so that they will always be available to anyone who you have coming to your house. It can also come in handy on the one day you manage to lock yourself out as you will have a spare door key readily available.

If you are tired of having to deal with leaving your keys with the plumber or the appliance store then consider ordering a real estate lockbox from NusetLock.com. Here you will find a selection of lockboxes, both wall mount and hanging, that can end your key worries forever. Each of these lockboxes is exceptionally secure and weatherproof so that you can rest easily knowing that your house keys are perfectly safe.