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While most realtors today work through only one agency, they have access to all of the listings in their area. This allows them to work with their clients to show them a broad array of houses until they find the one that they wish to buy. When the house is listed by their agency, they are likely to have the keys on hand. When it is listed by another agency the keys are more likely to be stored inside of a realtor lock box.

The realtor lock box is generally a small lock box that has a combination lock instead of a key lock. The listing realtor will hang the lock box on the door or wall of the home for sale. Inside of the box will be a set of keys to the house. In general all of the realtors in the area, no matter what agency are likely to have the combination to the lock boxes so that they can show each house to their potential clients.

Traditionally most realtors were limited to being able to show only those houses that were listed with their agency. Even at this it became necessary for all agents within the agency to be able to show homes without having to worry about finding the keys. The realtor lock box has long been the solution to this as it allowed all agents to show a home without having to return to the office for a set of keys.

Today the MLS or multiple listing services system that has been established creates a working list of all houses within an area that are for sale along with the listing realtor. The client can now pick their realtor and then look through the listings. Once they have selected the houses that they want to see, it is very easy for their realtor to contact the listing agency and make arrangements to show the house. With the keys safely stored in a realtor lock box they can go straight to the home and let themselves in.

The realtor lock box is generally a steel box with a hinged door that has a built in combination lock in much the same way as a small home safe might have. They can be made with a safety loop that is locked on the inside of the house's door or to be bolted to an outside wall. The object is to be able to store a set of house keys in a secure place that is weatherproof and easily accessible to any realtor that needs to show the home.

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