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Today's business are usually secured with a great number of different locks and locking devices and only certain members of staff are allowed access to the keys. If you have ever looked around some of the larger department stores you will have no doubt seen the managers and customer service managers walking around with a bunch of keys. At the end of their shift they are not allowed to take their keys home with them, instead they keep them in a wall mounted key holder that can be locked up when no one needs to be in it. The keys you would normally expect to find locked inside a wall mounted key holder would include keys to the doors that have to be opened from the inside whenever the store is opened each day or the keys that the customer service managers use to override errors made at the cash registers or to issue refunds. Keys like these could wreak havoc on a company if they fell into the wrong hands. Most companies have a log that must be filled out every time someone removes keys or puts them back into the wall key holder.

Securing keys to company vehicles in a wall mounted key holder is a very common practice with companies that offer delivery services such as food services and fuel. If they allowed the drivers to take the keys to their trucks home with them at night it could cause a problem if they had to call in sick the next morning. While most companies have a spare set of keys safely locked in a separate safe it makes things a lot easier if the shift manager has all of the keys to the vehicles safely locked in one place.

Automotive repair facilities often have several customers' cars sitting in and around the garage often for days or weeks while they wait for parts or for the person to come and pick up their car. To keep the customers keys from getting lost or the vehicle from being stolen while it is sitting outside on the lot, a lockable wall mounted key holder is often used. By locking the keys inside and only one or two managers having the combination to the holder, a repair facility can reduce the risks of theft significantly.

Many manufacturing facilities have equipment that requires keys to start operation or to securely shut it down for cleaning and maintenance. To make sure that only certain personal have access to these very important keys a lockable wall mounted key holder might be used. Keeping a log of who removes and replaces the keys can be a good way to make sure that the safety of all those involved with the machinery is protected at all times.

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