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While not a very common accident in most homes the number of children injured by falling out of windows is still higher than it needs to be. Accidents like these can easily be prevented by the installation of window lock. When children are very little they cannot reach most windows, but as they start to grow up and learn to climb and walk they can easily get themselves into dangerous situation where windows are concerned.

By keeping your windows secured with window lock you can keep your child from inadvertently opening a window and falling out. If you are lucky enough to have a one story house or live on the first floor chances are your child is only going to get a bruise and a goods scare, of course worse injuries are possible. If on the other hand you live in house with more than one story or worse yet a multistory apartment building the results of your child falling out of a window are almost certain to be tragic.

When it comes to childproofing a home most parents will go through the house putting in the outlet plugs and safety cover, they will put safety latches on all the doors and drawers to keep the little one out of danger. Many will move anything that might be even remotely dangerous up and out of reach of their children. They do all of this to keep their child safe but the one thing that most parents tend to forget is to put window lock on any window that their child might be able to access.

Safety is not the only reason to put window lock on all the windows in your home. Unfortunately with all of the child abductions that are happening in the world it has become necessary to put window lock on your home to keep intruders out. Not only do they keep people like this out but the average burglar is less likely to try and break into a home that has locks on the windows. Since speed is essential when it comes to breaking into a home anything that will slow a criminal down will usually make him go on his way. There are many different types of window lock available and you will need to buy them according to the types of windows in your home. For example a sliding window or door can be locked using a simple screw clamp device that is attached to the sliding rail beside the window to prevent it from opening. You can also get a pin type lock that requires you to drill a small hole in the moveable frame for the pin which is mounted to the window frame in a strong bracket.

Securing your home to make it safe for your children and to keep unwanted visitors out may seem like a difficult task, but it is something that every homeowner should do. Through the use of simple window lock like those sold by Nuset Lock you can make your home a much safer and more secure environment for you and your family.