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The fact that everyone's home has windows makes them very appealing to potential thieves. Windows are the most common point of entry for burglars when they try to come into your home. Since breaking the windows makes too much noise the best way to prevent them from breaking in is to install a good set of window locks.

In most homes, windows used today have at least a catch or latch of some kind that is designed to help keep the windows closed, however that is all they are meant to do. They are not designed to keep out an intruder who is intent on getting into your home. With the right type of tools a good burglar can release these latches in a few seconds and be on his way into your home. Supplemental window locks are the best way to stop this from happening to you.

There are several different types of window locks available and choosing the right one is determined by several factors. The size, weight and style of window has a lot to do with the type of lock you will need to secure your window. An example of this is the casement or sash type of window that require a lock that stop them from moving up and down, a bolt style lock might work well here to hold the windows in place.

Window locks that require a key can be a very secure way to lock your windows and they will definitely keep out the would-be burglars. They do however come with one major drawback, every time you want to open the window you will have to find the key. Some people who use this type of window lock hang the key to the lock on the wall close to the window so that it is easy to find, alleviating this problem to some extent.

Sliding windows present another type of problem when it comes to window locks. At best these windows have a simple cheap catch that locks them together in the middle. This catch would take the average burglar about five seconds to open. There are a few different options for sliding windows, you can stop the window from sliding by installing a simple screw clamp device onto the rails or you can put a bar between the edge of the window and the frame to stop it from being slid open. Many of today's homes have a sliding glass patio door or a really big sliding picture window that needs to be secured. In some homes the sliding glass door has a keyed lock that securely holds it closed, however in many cases this lock is only on one side, the other is held by a flimsy latch in the middle of the two halves of the door. There are a couple of different window locks that can be used on both the sliding glass door and the big picture window. Here you can use the screw clamp in the rails to secure both halves, but this can be a little inconvenient if you open and close them frequently.

The best and simplest type of window locks for both the sliding glass door and big picture window is the simple pin lock. By drilling a hole through the frame of both halves of the door or window you can run a pin through the inner door and into the outer door securing both at the same time with an easy to install and remove pin. Securing your windows does not have to be expensive or difficult to make your home much more secure and safe for your family. Nuset Lock offers a full line of security locks for your home from windows to doors, they have everything you need to feel safe in your home.