Door Deadbolts

NU-SET offers both single and double cylinder deadbolt locks, as well as keyed alike (key coded to the same key number), keyed differently (requiring the use of separate keys), and master keyed (a single key can open all locks although each lock has its own unique key) deadbolts.

A master key deadbolt is ideal for permitting entry to apartment manager, supervisors and contractors, or allowing access in case of an emergency situation.

Deadbolt locks offer a much higher degree of security than the common spring latch doorknob lock found in many entry doors. A spring latch snaps out to secure the door as you shut it, but a skillful burglar can use a stiff card to push back the spring latch and open the door. A deadbolt works differently because it requires the use of a key to lock and unlock the throw bolt that keeps the door deadlocked in place. With a single cylinder, you use a thumb knob to extend or retract the deadbolt from the inside, while with a double cylinder, a key is required on both the inside and outside of the door. Double cylinders are especially ideal for doors with glass windows so that burglars cannot break the glass, reach inside and turn the lock knob.

We stand by our door lock and hardware products with a lifelong warranty for our mechanical and PVD finishes or 15 year warranty on lacquered or non-living finishes. We offer no minimum orders for many of our door lock products. However, customization is where NU-SET excels because our manufacturer advantage is our ability to we cater to small or enterprise orders.

Kwikset or Schlage entry door locks can also be master keyed. And don’t forget we offer multiple keying options such as keyed-alike or keyed different free of charge!