WiFi Lock box

Eyecon Box the First and Only Truly

Wi-Fi Enabled lockbox

Eyecon Box is ideal for sharing your home and business properties with realtors, property managers, contractors, caregivers and Airbnb guests because you can control access anytime, from anywhere!

Whether you need a simple storage box for any small item or a way to securely share your keys and remotely manage access to your vacation property.

Select a wall mount or a portable hanging shackle model. This lockbox offers time specific access, so your guest can access by date, time or without restriction. As long as your box is connected to your properties WiFi you can control access remotely via an online platform. No monthly fees or recurring service charges, once you buy it it's yours.

Picture Key Feature 

The same technology behind blockchain is behind our digital lockbox picture key.  Use a photo on any smart phone to grant access. 

Simple. Smart. Secure.


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