WiFi Lock Boxes

Eyecon Box is the only Wi-Fi Enabled lockbox.  Using the highest level of security with Picture Key™ cryptographic technology.

The same technology behind blockchain is behind our digital lockbox. Just use a photo on any smart phone to grant access. Bonus! No mobile app is needed.

Eyecon Box is ideal for sharing your home or business property with realtors & property managers, contractors, Airbnb rentals, deliveries, caregivers, or Aunt Bee. Control access anytime, from anywhere!

Whether you need a simple storage box for any small item or a way to securely share your keys and remotely manage access to your vacation property.

Select a wallmount or a portable hanging shackle model. This lockbox offers time delay or time specific locking. No monthly fees or recurring service charges, once you buy it it's yours.

40 years of security is behind the NU-SET Smart Box series in Bluetooth or USB and Eyecon Box series. All build upon NU-SET’s legacy lock box designs and add innovative technology to meet today’s connected world.

Simple. Smart. Secure.