Free Lock Keying

Would you like to customize your locks by having one key open all your entrances? Yes! By selecting the 'Keyed Alike' option when adding items to your cart, you are letting us know you would like to have all of your locks keyed the same. The same key to open your front door, back door, side door and any door you choose to put our locks on.

Bonus! We 'Customize' your Keyed Alike or Keyed Different order FREE of charge!

Keyed Alike, Keyed Differ or Master Keyed Locks? Pick your customized door handleset, knob, lever, padlocks or deadbolts keying options:

  • Keyed Alike: This means key coded to the same key number. This option provides "same key" convenience and eliminates the need for multiple keys where numerous locks and access is needed.
  • Keyed Different: This means that the lock are keyed differently. Different set of keys are required to unlock each lock.
  • Mastered Keyed: In a master keyed system, master key can open all locks in the system although each lockset has its own unique key. Master keyed locksets are ideal for giving supervisors, contractors or emergency access. Use of the home owner key will not lock out the master key. All master keyed lockset includes 2 home owner keys per lock and 1 master key per order. Master keyed service is available as low as $5.50/cylinder.
  • Builder Keying: a builder keyed door lockset allows contractor's access during construction, repair or sale until such time that the home owner/occupant takes possession of property. All builder keyed lockset comes with 2 home owner keys per lock and 1 contractor key per order. Use of the home owner key will permanently lock out the contractor key. Builder keyed service is available as low as $5.50/cylinder. Please contact us or call us at 1-800-606-8738 to place an order.