Pick the way you want to secure your lockbox! Whether that’s a keypad, key, combination that you set yourself, or go keyless! Or select a key safe model that combines those.

Portable lock boxes are the easiest way to share keys or small objects. All key storage models come in a hanging shackle or a wallmount option.

Lock boxes are ideal for sharing your home or business property with realtors & property managers, contractors, Airbnb rentals, deliveries, caregivers, or Aunt Bee.

And some of the digital lock boxes let you control access anytime, from anywhere!

NU-SET classic alpha or numeric combination lockboxes are realtor favorites because of their simplicity & safety.

NU-SET digital lockboxes secure with either a USB for up to 800 users or unlimited with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Enabled.

We manufacture and sell direct so you get the best deals. Plus, 40 years of lock-making is behind NU-SET’s full array lockboxes.